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To start this off some background - I work nightshifts which obviously means I am trying to sleep during the day a lot of the time.  I would not consider myself particularly sensitive to noise either which is also important.  Partly to blame I think is the old style terraced houses, and the fact that my room is on the bottom floor which I believe my next door neighbours are using their downstairs floor next door both sides as living rooms.

On one side there are a polish family of some sort, and on the other side an English family.  Both sides are bloody noisy, I am considering phoning NSPCC about the English family as their child who is about 3 years old cries for about 25% of the day (as far as I am aware)  It is like cry for 30 minutes totally fine, then cry for 1 hour totally fine for 2 then cry again.  I also hear banging really loud when the child cries, which is a big concern.  The Polish family next door have techno music on way too loud way too often, and they are not sure how to talk without shouting.  It has become a real pain recently and all I ask for is a good 5-6 hours of sleep during the day. 

It is a difficult situation because on Friday nights from 5pm to about 11pm we can be a little noisy ourselves in the house as I am 28 years old, my housemates are 28 and 29 years old. 

I am all for people having their freedoms in their own house doing as they please as long as they be careful and mindful of others.  I am even all for the occasional party, or whatever.  The thing is what people don't realize is that when you are losing sleep and having rising stress levels due to this that it is really affecting someones life. 

I have thought about telling both sides regarding the noise, but I do not want to cause friction and feel unsafe in my house.  What I am considering is other ways of getting to sleep by using nice noise in order to get to sleep.  Any ideas?  I've tried some calming music which has worked now and then.  I've read a lot of this forum and I think the idea is give and take but don't take too much crap!  I'm going to give it until the end of this month and then write a letter to each house either side, just to make them aware that the noise is travelling through the walls quite badly. 

A few times I have thought I was going mad, as everytime I was about to drift off to sleep I'd hear either loud Polish voices or on the other side a child crying or some banging noise.  If this were my house and I did not rent, I would definitely purchase soundproofing materials as a long-term fix.

I suppose, in a social context it does depend on the hours everyone works, and also how often those people are at home, and indeed how mindful they are of noise.  I must say though, at the moment I am hugely irritated by the noise.  How I keep my calm I don't know.  A couple of times I have screamed S T F U at the walls.  Haha.   I feel sorry for all and anyone that has had to put up with excessive noise, and the police (I assume) are hardly going to do anything at all unless you have reasonable proof that there is unsociable behaviour taking place.


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Unbelievable, all noise has stopped for the moment...


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I understand how you feel as I was in a similar situation. Try to relax and do not hesitate to use as many means in your hands to cancel the noise that bothers you. Apart from the traditional earplugs you might consider the use of Cancelling noise headsets.

You say you are in a rented property.  Luckily you are not the owner so you why don't you move?

Have you also consider changing your bedroom to the upstairs floor?

Best regards.


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Unfortunately it is a shared house, and my two housemates have the upstairs bedrooms. 

I am considering moving however, I am trying to get the funds to do so.  Hopefully I choose wisely where I move to in order to find a house/flat that is a bit more quiet with considerate neighbours.  Thank-you for the advice.


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Re: Noisy neighbours both sides of my room!

are you in rented accomodation?
best solution is to wait till your tenancy ends and move on- by that time youll be ready to move trust me and your only wish would be to have some quiet during the day.
this will become all consuming- its what happened to me- i still havent managed to move out and i am desperate to- even when you get then noise level down through comlpaining by that time you are really sensetive to any sounds so it doesnt work. those families are noisy and in my expereince if you are incompatioble then you always will be- its like asking your neighbour to be a good mum- it isnt going to happen is it- you can get noise nuisance down but there is no way you can get someone to be a more attentive and responsible mum- this is the problem im having with my neighbours- i complain there is improvement but if they are hillbillies they just are and their attitudes towardsthings are a million miles away from mine. if they thinhk its fine to keep producing babies for the state to house and feed whilst they cant be bothered to to anything with the ones theyve already got- then no amount of offocial complaints is going to change this- so move out and if you cant keep a noise diary and give it to your landlord- or environmental health if you arent council housing. you can also find out who their landlord is and write to them.


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My partner had an almost identical situation to you. He was renting a council flat on the ground floor of a block of terraced houses with yep you've guessed it - paper thin walls and polish neighbours! Like you he works night shifts so he is usually very tired. However the noise would usually occur on a Friday or Saturday night, sometimes their parties would begin on a Thursday and last all the way through the weekend till Sunday. The music would start around 7 and go on until about 8 or 9 the next day and people would come and go all night, we would hear car doors banging and people shouting and singing once they got inside the property. They moved in about September of last year and before that we had no problems with the neighbours. When these polish people first moved in there were also very young children there and I would often hear them crying all through the night whilst they blasted music, the child was clearly tired and just wanted to sleep like us. I thought about contacting social services but then the child must have moved out because I never heard it again. We called the police countless times, sometimes up to 5 times in one night!!

They were about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Half the time the police would turn up and not even get out the car then after 5 minutes would drive away so we used to call back and they would tell us that they would send them out again and sometimes they never even came back! Completely Useless! We also complained to the council numerous times who always told us to keep a diary of any noise but they seemed very reluctant to help. Unfortunately their hands are tied. We even tried finding out who the landlord was but couldn't find out. In the end after putting up with it for about 8 months we decided the best thing would be to move which we did. But the point is we should never have had to move, they effectively drove us out because no one would help us which I think is a disgrace. Luckily we were able to move away and whilst we were living at the flat we were able to stay at other people's houses to escape the noise but I just feel sorry for don't have the option to move. There should be more support for those suffering from noisy neighbours.

Upon receiving a complaint the council should ask you to make a diary of when the noise occurs and for how long and at the same time they should visit the neighbours who you have made the complaint against to give them a warning. If that doesn't work then they should take steps to either fine them or evict them but I don't think they should pussy foot around them. Speaking to different people this is a common problem. It seems that the law lies with the noisy neighbours, I don't condone violence but no wonder people take things into their own hands as the authorities just don't care. So the best advice I could give to you would be to move. Hope I've helped.


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I live in a 3 bedroomed 3 storey terraced town house

with neighbours either side.

One neighbour is a woman who lives on her own and the other neighbour is a couple who work continental shifts.

I have lived here for 5 years and all i have had from neighbour 1 (the woman on her own) is complaints about DIY etc, when all i am trying to do is live my life and make my house nice.

I One day even fixed a fence panel for neighbour one and while fixing it, i recieved complaints about banging. Well you live and learn i will never ever do anything for her again even if she is in a serious situation.

I and my partner who is a teacher, often get awoken by neighbour 1, she is either chanting (extremely loudly) or stamping up and down the stairs, slaming the garage door, banging on the walls or verbally shouted slanderous comments at me.

The banging happens all day and starts any time from a quarter to 4 in the morning, she knows i am at home all day as i am trying to start my owm web business, but she knows which room i am in and she bangs on the ajoining wall ( I counted once and in 30 mins it was 148 times).

The verbal slanderous comments were calling me a F*cking dickead, arsehole and a bully, i had enough of this recently and contacted a local police officer- who threatened her with a section 5 harrasment order- she calmed down for a week(everthing including the banging)

But now the banging is getting worse and all you have to do is wait as these kind of people will slip up evetually and then hopefully either stop all together or they will move.

I have plans to move in 2 years myself, but i am not going to let this neighbour push me into moving or gouding me into some kind of retaliation (as that is what she wants), for example one of her outbursts 
she said to me, "you are not going to win!" (I have my own assuptions about this individual as i reckon a few of you reading might also have now).

I have just returned from a holiday in mexico where the other side of me i have new neighbours (house 2) and ever since i have been back this neighbour has been banging also ( I think that neighbour 1 has slandered me as  a bully to them) as i have not even met them yet.

I am quiet, probably causing 4 bangs a day when i go downstairs for a drink or some food

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Hello and welcome Zeus,

I'd advise you to contact the police again....being savvy with computers....can you record any of this...especially the verbal abuse...to show to the police....

as for the new neighbour.....maybe have a word when there next at it....

if it was'nt for living next door we'd think them sad would'nt we neutral

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Its possible the new neighbours are just doing some DIY as they have just moved in, but a quick word should give you an idea what they are like - I doubt they would just jump on the banging bandwagon on the word of someone they've just met, although sometimes I'm amazed by peoples behaviour!

And Pandoras right, try to record the other neighbour - she sounds like she's not the full shilling!

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Anything about mental health issues.....NOOOOOOOOO

Never mention nor sensitive hearing...NOno 's neutral  Can be instant letoff/letout neutral

Re: Noisy neighbours both sides of my room!

Indeed! Although the fact that she calmed down after a police visit suggests she knows exactly what she's doing.

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Yes indeed neutral


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behind my house is a small detached house, and for about 3 weeks house1 started to try and bully the 16 year old from that house also, and the father of this 16 year old knocked on house 1 to tell her to stop and she started calling him a bully also and said don't you raise your temper at me , but i was there all the time and his voice was extremely calm, i tryed to get his help to stop this and when i sent the police around he did not want to know!( I asked him firstly)

Just hope he does not want my help in  the future!

It made me look soft infront of the policeman, but ever since then she has not tryed to bully him once.

I am patient as i know she will slip up and i hope i witness it because mind games is not a cery sensible thing to do because one day she will meet the wrong person.

Who is not as calm as myself and then who knows what will happen.