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THAT seems exactly to be OUR problem. The "GUIDE" for E H officers is the E P Act 1990, and all EH departments countrywide have access to cases up and down the country via computer access.

So, in theory you tap in and say " o yes, there was such a case in e.g. London, which went to court and this is what was done, we'l do that too"..!!!  But, as you point out, as we know to our nerve-endings, it dos'nt work like that, it appears that each EH department reads the GUIDE book differently, interprets it differently, dos'nt even update its website, maybe to deter enquiry.....
Plus, Out of Hours Services vary so much...e.g. maybe once a week on a saturday night till if it only happens then.
Also many many of our members suffer not only noise but intimidation...drug use, alcohol, worry about the elderly, the mentally ill, minor' the number of different agencies involved is greater, and if they don't join up the issues..... neutral  neutral  neutral

In simple terms its like the dripping tap. If your stuck beside it'l drive you mental. If your anywhere else....well....whats your problem is the attitude so many of us have to deal with on top of the fact that tap still drips and will until its fixed. sad  sad

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I agree with fellowsufferer children today often do not get enough exercise, change of scenery etc the nightmare neighbours before and my current ones had / have two small children their entire World is mostly the house, the car and back garden this is inspite of the fact that there are woods at one end of my road and a common with a huge play ground at the other.

I know and appreciate that todays World is more informed and aware of the dangers that did'nt seem to exist "when I were a lad" in the days when "playing out" meant that just that, being with your mates, exploring, climbing trees, playing war etc  being out for hours and dare I say it being away from mummy and daddy shock horror !  big_smile  for me that was normal, for my parents that was normal for my mates that was normal infact we ALL grew up normal, independent, adequately equipped for life I shudder to think how some of the children these days will grow up because many from what I can see have little if any interaction with others except at school and thats NOT normal !

Anyway the problem being as fellowsufferer says these children have nowhere to get rid of their energy so often the house becomes their playground and again quite often because their parents really can't be a****d taking them anywhere, too tired, too much trouble, footballs on, soaps are on etc

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I just don't get it. Wot sort of parents are these - my neighbour too neva lets her kids out, not even in the garden - in fact the other neighbours have started asking ME questions about what is going on. They are 6 and 8, and no lie have never walked out of the estate, just out the front door and in the car. the girl opposite me, she is 7 and she takes her dog out on the estate alone (she is very streetwise cos her parents haven't kept her locked in). it has really stunted their growth - they can't construct sentences properly for their age - i was really shocked, by 8 i was bi-lingual!!! surely this must constitute some form of child cruelty? its no wonder they stomp around in the house - they have no other outlet, fresh air, playground to run around in. Selfish 'parents'.


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My kids are up at 07:00 and in bed by 19:00. My eldest is in reception and my youngest is 3. My wife cares for her sisters son who has Cerebral Palsey and is two.

I work 9-5 and we own our semi, having worked hard to sell our first house at considerable profit to fund the depost needed on our current house.

Whilst we do try to deter our kids from making lots of noise - they do by their nature tend to be loud especially when all three are playing together.

My neighbour has complained that our children are too loud and that the noise in the morining is inconsiderate (08:00) and that when we read them their bedtime stories (18:30) its too loud as they can hear my kids laughing and talking about the story.

My neighbour works rotating shifts of days and nights. Its his wife that has complained.

And while i feel for everyone on this site i must strss that i will not chastise my children for noise during sociable hours. The fact that he works shifts is not my problem - thats a life style choice.

My wife no feels that every noise the kids make will result in another letter or worse a visit from the EHO.

I've told her that if the EHO do come round there is very little they can do. We do not play loud music or have house parties - just two (and during the day 3) boisterous kids,

Re: Banging and thumping from neighbours' children

Re: Banging and thumping from neighbours' children

8am on a weekend is pretty early though! I understand kids make noise etc and thats ok but it does work both ways. How would you like to be woken up at 8am with kids screaming and making noise next door? I dont personally mind children making noise but I do like a lie in some weekends, past 8am and if I was woken up by next door I wouldnt be happy! If they can hear you reading a bedtime story, is there a sound proofing issue? I cant hear my neighbours talking, only when they shout or scream.

And working shifts is not always a life style choice. I have worked them in the past and sometimes you have to do it to pay the bills. No one would choose to work unsociable hours if they didnt have to.

Anyway, my little rant over  yikes

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The only person who does the shouting in my house at 8am is me at the kids - but to be honest I have no respect for my current neighbours who have no respect for my children needing sleep. With my old neighbours I always encouraged the girls to be reasonably quiet. I do not want them growing up with no consideration for other people.

My mum says we are just a very quiet family. She thinks I should have put them to bed in a noisy environment and therefore they'd sleep through any disturbances. But I like who we are!


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Regarding Other people and their children....and whosoever this could surprise reading....

Those of us who do not have children are not inferior people to those who chose to....why is there this attitude of "children will be children" and those of you who do not must suffer to. Why is there this passion nowadays to let children act like a herd of elephants because "children will be children". I think if your little ones were woken up by us without children having noisy parties, you'd have complaints toward us...
People with children have no more moral rights to inflict their children on the childless. If someone with children were working from home, or on shifts...would you still allow them to participate in being "children will be children"  ?? People with children may well be up at the crack of dos'nt mean that people without children wish to be woken up too.....

Most people with children are respectful....most neighbours are respectful......which is what it comes down to hmm

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I dont have children yet and have no objection to hearing them play outside on the grassy area out back. Its a family area which appealed to me as I dont want to live near students. But equally they need to respect others. If the little monkeys woke me up, I wouldnt be happy!!

And when I come home late a bit tipsy, I dont slam doors or put music on until 4am...thats my choice to come home late but I dont inflict it on others.

How are you Mac?? Long time no see, hope youre ok x

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I hate to say it but I am so glad that I am not the only one really fed up with small kids noise.  They run up & down a concrete path right next to my lounge & the parents wonder why I have to tell them to stop after about an hour!  I don't blame the kids, there is a lawn right by the path which stops the stomping, I can't believe they (parents) are so inconsiderate they don't insist thatis where the kids run if they really have to.  I have tried several times to point it out & I don't want to fall out with them but their skulls must be so thick it just doesn't sink in.  One day I'm just going to have to stand there with a hose - thing is the kids would probably love it.

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I'm ok thanks Mac. The sun is shining so have got the windows open, blocks the banging from downstairs out! April is a busy time for me as the tax year ends and everyone wants data about the flaming tax certs! Oh well, enjoy it while I can! x

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I don't  mind children playing outside  in the garden or wherever but it can be very stressful when children are running aoround banging about and doing all sorts at 7am. It's fine if you decidto live with that if you are their parent but i do think parents should have some respect for neighbours who perhaps would like  to lie in to 9am.


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Daddio - I entirely accept that you can't stop children crying, laughing, having tantrums etc and I think your neighbour who complains about a bedtime story is being unreasonable unless it involves a load of shouting and shrieking etc over a long period - which I doubt.

What I (and a lot of other people) have to put up with is long periods of thumping and banging around on wooden/laminate flooring.  As I've said I get woken up by it at about 7am (or earlier) at weekends - even using earplugs.  If it happens when I've got the TV on it can often be heard above the TV.  If a neighbour is making noise that loud on a regular basis - children or no children - I don't think that's fair.  I wouldn't expect someone to put up with that sort of noise from me - if I had energetic small children  I'd make sure the floors were covered with rugs/carpets and I know you can get acoustic underlay.  And I'd speak to my neighbours to make sure they weren't being disturbed.  And I'd try to make sure most of the running around was done in the garden/park rather than in the house.

Sorry, but I think the "kids will be kids" argument gets pushed too far.  If you're  regularly waking the neighbours or  regularly doing things which prevent them enjoying their home then I'm afraid you're too loud!  I don't think people with children have greater rights than those who don't!

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Being a mum to two small children (5&3) I would like to say I try my hardest to keep my kids quiet in the mornings especially as the youngest is an early riser (6am most days) I would never dream of letting them run riot or stomp and bang on Walls at such a time. We also live in a terrace so noise can be heard, thankfully neither of my neighbours have complained about my children, However if they did I would be mortified and would certainly take steps to change it.

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