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Hi all, you can guess why I'm here. My neighbour is driving me crazy with his music. We have lived here for years with no problem. Suddenly, after Xmas just gone he started getting really loud, tv blasting out, music thumping through the walls at all hours.my husband kept banging the wall when it happens and it seemed to work for a while and it was quiet for about a week. Then it suddenly started again this week. My husband was going to bang on the wall again, but I told him I'd had enough and I wanted the noise team from the council to hear it so I called them. They missed it last night, but he started up again tonight so I called them again.this time they did catch it, although I was a bit peed off that by the time they came he had turned it down a bit. They went outside and could hear it outside the door also and they said he will be getting a letter this week warning him. I so hope this will work and harmony will be restored so we can start enjoying our home again.I'm constantly on the edge waiting for it to happen an its making me ill   sad

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Well done for your noise patrol turning out smile  Well done that they will formally warn him smile

If you hav'nt already - start a noise log and a copy - and KEEP COMPLAINING - and it dos'nt matter if its 1pm or 1am - a nusience is a nusience sad



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He received the warning letter which only made him worse. He started spying on us to see when the council turned up so he could turn it off before it was heard. On top o that my housing officer refuse to believe me, she said she believed I was making the whole thing up! So we gave our notice in and we are moving out, despite being the victim of all the noise we were made out to be the bad ones. To save my sanity we decided to go. I just hope whoever moves in after us makes his life hell

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It maks me so mad that we are the ones who have to move because landlords refuse to take action against those making the noise.  We have been told so often that we have no proof and our NFH denies making noise even though we have previously proved she lies and have provided recordings of her noise.  Seems it's easier to move us on than go through the process of dealing with the wrongdoers mad